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Central Processing Unit

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Central Processing Unit

Central Processing Unit (CPU) performs all the arithmetic and logical calculations in a computer. The CPU is said to be the brain of the computer system. It reads and executes the program instructions, perform calculations and makes decisions. The CPU is responsible for storing and retrieving information on disks and other media.

Meaning of CPU

Figure: Meaning of CPU


The CPU consists of Control Unit, Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU) and  register set.

Control Unit: The control unit issue control signals to perform specific operation and it directs the entire computer system to carry out stored program instructions

Arithmetic and Logic Unit: The ALU is the ‘core’ of any processor. It executes all arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), logical operations (compare numbers, letters, special characters etc.) and comparison operators (equal to, less than, greater than etc.).

Register Set:  Register set is used to store immediate data during the execution of instruction. This area of processor consists of various registers.




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